When it’s the best time to mow the lawn? Your lawn requires proper care and tending, and to keep your lawn healthy and trim, make sure that you mow it at the right time. Most homeowners are proud of their well-tended, green lawns, and so should you.

The Weather Factor

Properly-hydrated grass bounces back once you step on it. Grasses that thrive during the hot seasons like Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass tend to grow more quickly during those times.

Keep the lawn well-fertilized to make the grass healthier, decrease the growth of weeds, and keep the soil cool at all times. Once the temperature rises, water the lawn around an inch every week. Steer clear of regular watering during hotter days because it can stunt root growth.


Mowing is the most practiced maintenance procedure done on lawns found all over the globe. It is also a regular part of lawn maintenance. Because of this, most people believe that mowing takes more time and effort compared to other chores.

There are facts that have proven this otherwise. Besides, there are plenty of exceptional lawn mowers these days which can take on the job with ease, and in a speedy manner.

Mow the grass evenly by overlying every pass with the unit at 3 inches. Grass during the summer needs to be mowed three times each week. The most ideal period to mow the lawn is during the evening.

This way, the moisture present in the roots will be stored. Furthermore, it provides the grass around 12 hours of darkness and recuperation before another day starts.

Quantity of Mowing

Only chop 1/3 of the grass height while trimming the lawn. If you miss a mowing procedure, increase the mower’s height to steer clear of chopping the lawn shorter as required. You proceed with trimming the grass at a regular height several days later.

If plenty of grass is taken away, the health of the lawn reduces and the heat from the sun will make the grass turn into a sickly, yellowish-brown hue. Decrease the tendency to scalp by varying your mowing arrangements.

Mulching Process

Also, keep in mind to keep some clippings on the lawn since it can provide around 30 percent of nitrogen required by the lawn. You can do this by using the best mulching mower around.

Grass clippings are packed with nutrients that the grass needs and you can save up on fertilizers by doing this. Clippings are more than ready to disintegrate and will only bring about problems when the mulching is done in excess.

The best mulching mower will also prove dependable in terms of producing clippings that are tiny enough to distribute all over the grass covering.

If you keep track of the one-third rule, the likes of conventional mowers will not prompt clipping issues. The one-third rule says that you must first pick a shearing height that is proper for the grass species present in your lawn.

Following this, you have to fix the mower’s blade height and cut the grass regularly enough, so you trim less than the grass’s top third section. This procedure, in turn, will urge the roots to grow stronger.

Furthermore, placing the clippings on your lawn helps in keeping the environment clean because those clippings won’t be thrown into your community’s landfills.

Mowing Time

Sunny weather often calls for mowing the lawn but better hold off the procedure if your lawn has been watered or still has morning dew. Cutting the grass when it’s wet can make for uneven trims.

The clippings can also get caught in the mower and will have a tendency to get stuck together, which in turn will cover the grass and buffer the lawn from much-needed sunlight. Also, damp grass can mold and will cause a sharp smell on the unit.

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