No need to say that a clean and well-manicured lawn instantly boosts the appeal of a house. An unkempt lawn, on the other hand, reduces its allure. The rate of growth of a lawn depends on the season. That is why it is essential to know when to properly mow and mantain it. The following seasonal mowing recommendations are important to improve the lawn’s health and appearance throughout the year.

For the Spring Season

Spring entails plenty of lawn work. Following the winter season, your lawn now requires regular tending. Make sure to inspect the grass looking for any kind of disease developed over the course of the winter.

In order to make your lawn healthy again, you have to know what compounds will speed up the lawn’s healing. And to provide the nutrients that the grass needs, you should properly fertilize the lawn. This is one of the most important topics in seasonal mowing. If you don’t know which type of fertilizer you need, check out this article at Gardening Know How.

Mowing is highly recommended during spring. It will help tackle and get rid of weed growth.

Furthermore, spring is also the time to measure the pH level of the soil. A soil with proper pH levels will maintain your lawn’s health for a longer period of time.

For the Summer Season

The intense heat of sunlight can do harm to your lawn so in order to protect it, you must water it sufficiently. Dry weather reduces water levels underground too and it can even lead to drought. Thus, your lawn gets parched at this time of the year. It is your job to offer a sufficient quantity of hydration to your lawn. You can use any kind of method to water the entire area. Make use of water sprinklers, water hoses and portable sprinklers.

While mowing the lawn, check regularly for signs of damage and pests.

As for fertilization, provide an adequate amount of it on your yard to maintain its healthy color.

For the Autumn Season

The autumn or fall season is always here to tell us that winter is just a few months away. It comes with important seasonal mowing changes.

This translates to shorter days and a drop in the temperature. Then again, your lawn requires a different approach to tending that is proper for this season.

Fertilizing should be a priority every autumn. Doing this will ensure that your lawn will get its needed nutrients over the course of the upcoming snow season.

The deposited nutrients will then be used during this dormant time period. The roots will absorb the nutrients and develop, and this will persist until spring season comes.

Falling leaves are a hallmark of the autumn season so you have to clean and maintain your lawn at least once a week.

For the Winter Season

It is quite chilly outside but it does not mean that we should neglect the lawn. Even during the winter, we have to make sure that it gets the care it needs.

One of the biggest seasonal mowing factors is temperature. The temperature reduces and in many locations it can reach below freezing. When the snow melts on the ground, the mold that follows can damage your yard.

Furthermore, fungus favor cold weather so you must fertilize and tend your yard during this season. Make use of specific fungicides and proper seeding methods.

You can also employ the use of anti-desiccants to curb moisture that will grow on trees. Add more nutrients to the soil by spreading some organic supplements on it.

Make growth possible by way of yard or lawn fertilizers and you can help thicken the thinner parts of the lawn through reseeding.

Seasonal Mowing Summary

Keep mowing the lawn, making allowance for varying seasons, weather conditions and temperatures. By undertaking regular maintenance, your lawn will ultimately be healthier, greener and the envy of your neighborhood!


If you have any questions or lawn maintenance recommendations, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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