These days, people are choosing cordless mowers over electric models with cables. You will see them displayed in lawn and garden maintenance departments, in most home repair shops, and many have agreed that they are a great alternative to gas-powered models.

The gas-powered lawn mower is beneficial. It provides tons of power and is capable of covering bigger lawns, but they can be noisy, and can do actual harm to the environment.

They can be smelly too because it gives off fumes and smoke at times. So if you are tired of the gas lawn mower’s effects, the cordless type is always an excellent substitute.

Why Switch to This Mower?

The best cordless lawn mower is praised for its minimal noise, odorless operations, and it virtually needs no maintenance.

Gas-operated models meanwhile require regular maintenance procedures like spark plug, air filter, fuel filter and oil replacements. And more often than not, some models require more egging regarding starting the machine up.

Cordless mowers get rid of the maintenance requirements and won’t give off too much noise that can wake the entire neighborhood.

The most important reason why homeowners prefer the cordless model is users will not have to deal with extension cords just to use the machine.

The model employs lead acid or lithium ion batteries to work; these batteries supply enough voltage to start the unit and supply extended periods of mowing.

Cordless mowers are available in two kinds, the push-style mower, and the self-propelled mower. The push type requires users to start the mower in forward and reverse directions while a self-propelled model includes power-driven rear wheels that charge the mower in a reverse of forward manner.

Users will have to manage and control the direction and speed that the mower is employing.

More Advantages

It provides freedom of movement for the user. Operators of the unit are free to travel anywhere they please on the lawn without having to contend with power cables. There are no more worries of cutting cables with the unit and tripping on it while mowing.

The cordless mower also offers a fast charging time. Back in the day, rechargeable batteries took hours to recharge. However, because of advancements in technology, we now have batteries that take less than 60 minutes to become fully charged.

Even better, some of the best cordless mowers feature not only one but two batteries so you can have an extra on standby while doing your duties.

Cordless models also provide users the option to mulch the grass clippings to the point that the grass is chopped to fine bits. These tinier pieces of grass serve as fertilizer to your lawn once it breaks down; they will readily fill the soil with its needed nutrients and in turn, will provide you with a healthier, greener lawn.

Bagging is also another option that can be found on most cordless types. Make your lawn tasks neater by bagging the grass clippings.

Some Disadvantages

Cordless ones are heavier than their power-cabled contemporaries. Because it includes a battery, the battery’s weight can add up to the total weight of the mower.

Some batteries can even add 5-10 kilos more to a mower’s overall weight. Thus, if your lawn or garden is craggy or you are not capable of exerting additional effort to push the unit around, you might have to think twice before purchasing a cordless model.

Cordless models are one of the most advanced models around, so additional features mean they can be quite expensive. It typically retails at a price that’s double the total cost of a standard lawnmower.

Today, the most sought after cordless models come from companies like GreenWorks, Bosch, and Black and Decker. Bosch was one of the first companies to invest in lithium ion technology and has successfully applied said technology to their lawn mowers.

If you do enough research on a cordless model, chances are you will also score one that works well for you and your yard.

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