A well-trimmed, clean lawn is a joy to behold, and all it takes to achieve this is investing in an exceptional lawn mower. Poulan Pro 2-in-1 PR500N21SH mower is one of the most well-known models available today, and is the go-to unit for homeowners with smaller lawns.

Not only is the unit perfect for downsized lawns, but it will also benefit homes with both a lawn and a garden since the mower can mulch while mowing, giving back all of the required nutrients that the lawn needs. If you want, you can also place the mulched remains in your garden to make it healthier.

Want to know more about this unit’s benefits and drawbacks? Read the article for additional information.

Poulan Pro 2-in-1 PR500N21SH Features

If you happen to own a sizable piece of land that requires mowing on a frequent basis, you need a riding lawn mower, but if you have a small-sized lawn, you can make do with models like Poulan Pro 2-in-1 PR500N21SH.

  • It features a formidable 500E Briggs and Stratton 140cc engine
  • Includes a 2i-inch sturdy deck
  • Includes 2-in-1 mulch and side discharge capabilities
  • Has four height adjustments that work in 5 varying positions
  • Includes 7-inch front wheel and 12-inch rear wheels


The mower provides minimal noise while mowing to avoid troubling the neighbors and to avoid contributing to noise pollution.

Setting it up is also easy—all you have to do is spread out the handle, place the screws within, and it’s done. It is also easy to use, and it manages to carry itself well even while doing turns.

The model is not self-propelled. You have to push the unit manually while mowing. Remember to remove rocks and other small hard objects from the area being mowed to prevent the mower blades from being damaged.

Beginners often find manuals to be a bit complex, but this particular model is very simple regarding assembly. The unit is already functional, and it only requires a couple of components to assemble fully. After the setup, you will find that the mower instantly starts with just two pulls.

The unit is also light, which makes for trouble-free maneuvering. You won’t have to exert effort to make the unit go over specific spots since it features larger wheels designed to handle frequent turns.

This trouble-free maneuvering is recommended for busy homeowners who don’t have enough time to do yard work. The speed of the unit is improved by a 1-inch deck which is capable of trimming grass quickly.


The Poulan Pro 2-in-1 PR500N21SH has its share of downsides. The unit lacked a place to fix or position the lawn bag. You can only mulch the refuse or discharge the whole thing from its side hatch.

Poulan has other units that feature a bag, but unfortunately, this particular model does not have one.

The engine might take some time to start. The unit relies on the conventional pull-string method to begin its operations, and at times it can be quite tricky, but so far, most people have not had this issue with the model.

For easier starting mechanisms, you can look for a model with an electrical starter or a combination starter.

Others who have used the unit also complained that it can be difficult to get an oil stick for oil level check-ups. Some users added that people should be careful not to over-prime the engine.


The power of the Poulan Pro 2-in-1 PR500N21SH saves users time and energy. You won’t have to exert extra effort to push the unit since it is light and maneuvers easily. Recommended for those who tend both lawns and gardens, and folks who only want a unit that trims grass uniformly and quickly.

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