There are several lawn mower transmission kinds. The types are hydrostatic, friction disc, automatic, CVT, and geared. We will be discussing the various options available to you, today, so have a better notion of the best products available in each category.


Commonly referred to as manual transmissions, this type of mower uses ground speed to shift. The biggest downfall of this kind of transmission is that you’ve got to shut the tractor off to shift into an alternate range. This makes them more difficult to use, when you’ve got lots of landscape characteristics and garden beds to go around.

This is a dependable transmission option, offering years of service to you.

Friction Disc

When used correctly, it’s a highly dependable transmission. It uses the forward rate of your rider to alter its gear. It’s possible for you to change on-the-go with some versions, but to get the longest lifespan out of your product, most brands recommend you shove down on the clutch or brake pedal, then shifting to the rate you need.


This is essentially a belt and pulley system, that varies, much like the drive system in a snowmobile. This was initially used in conjunction with John Deere products. These mowers are not designed to pull heavy loads.

To drive the tractor, you’ll generally use two levers. Use the F/R lever to to alter the rate you need to go. This is a dependable transmission option that can give you years of service for level yards, and pulling at loads that are really light.

CVT/IVT (Always/Infinitely Variable Transmission)

MTD have attempted using the IVT Infinitrak, doubled in the Craftsman Revolution and the Cub Cadet. Consumers haven’t  typically been prepared to spend the extra cash to possess this kind of transmission, however.

These transmissions are certainly simpler to use. Whether or not they are fender-mounted alters the rate and direction.


Hydrostatic transmissions are more costly than mechanical transmissions, but they’re easier to use and can carry greater torque to the wheels, when compared with an average mechanical transmission.

Enclosed Double Hydrostatic

A different back wheel is controlled by each trans. This is the main reason why zero-turn mowers are more expensive compared to lawn tractors. Most of these mowers were not designed to pull loads, but simply to tote and mow.

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