Requiring your children to mow the lawn can help instill in them a work habit. However, this particular task can be hazardous. Unfortunately, every year adults and children are hurt while using lawn mowers of different types. This lawn mower safety guide will help you teach your children about mower safety and explain some of the risks associated with mower use.

How to Educate your Children

The hazards of using a lawn mower have to be explicitly explained to children. Make sure that you have taught your child the proper way to handle the unit before letting him or her take over one.

Every time the mower is employed, its main components should be inspected to guarantee that the device is working properly. Inspect the gas tank, spark plug wire connections and the grass catcher together with your child before starting the work.

Check that your child wears proper clothing for this particular task. Comfortable mowing gear includes resilient shoes with closed toes, safety glasses and, depending on the kind of engine, hearing protection. Do not wear loose clothes because they can get caught in the device’s moving components.

Instruct children to keep the hands and feet away from the unit’s moving components.

Clear the entire yard first before mowing. Remove items like rocks, stones, twigs and other unneeded materials. This is to guarantee that none of those things will be caught and flung by the blades of the unit, which can harm people who are close by.

Bad weather conditions are not conducive to mowing. The device should not be employed on wet grass either, so don’t ask your children to take on the task on rainy days.

On pavement or any similar surface, detach the blades of a riding mower. Instructions manuals contain all the necessary directions required to do this.

Prior to any fine-tuning or repairs, the mower must be shut down and cooled properly. Shut down the device whenever the grass catcher is removed and anytime it’s not in use.

Are Your Children Ready to Take on Mowing?

This particular task requires a specific level of strength, perceptiveness and organization to do it safely and correctly. Keep these tips in mind to resolve whether your child is capable of doing this.

Children who are ready to handle mowers should be at least 12 years old. They are fit to handle mower types like hand mowers and walk-behind mowers. To operate riding mowers or remote lawn mowers, your child has to be at least 16 years old.

Spend ample time training and presenting to your child how to correctly employ the unit. Read this safety guide with your child. Be certain that your youngster knows how to shut the device down quickly if need be.

Users of a mower must watch where they are moving. They must keep watch for any humps, holes, obstructions, ditches or other hazards, specially when rounding corners with the mower.

Children should not mow slopes or elevated ground, to avoid tipping over or sliding beneath the mower.

Preside over your child while he or she is using the mower until you are sufficiently sure that the child can take on the device safely all by himself or herself.

More Lawn Mower Safety Tips for Children

  • Keep children younger than six years away from the area being mowed.
  • Do not allow a child to ride as a passenger on a riding-type mower. This kind of mower is built to accommodate only one person.
  • Do not permit a child to be dragged at the back of the mower in a trailer or cart.
  • Teach children that the mower is not a plaything.
  • Do not ask your child to add gas or fuel to the unit.


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