Lawn Mower Maintenance

In this post we give you some tips to keep your mower in tip-top shape. Proper lawn mower maintenance will ensure that you have a model that will last you for years and provide great service to your lawn. You should always start with reading the manual that lawn mower companies provide on their models. From the manual you will get plenty of ideas on caring for your mower.

Regular maintenance

  • Clean or replace its air filter.
  • Lubricate the unit if required.
  • Hone and adjust the blades after 8 to 10 mowing tasks.
  • Inspect all noticeable moving components of the unit.

Spring maintenance

  • Rid the mower of dirt all over, from the top down to the bottom.
  • Clean or change its air filter.
  • Replace the oil and oil filter.
  • Replace its spark plug.
  • Hone or change the blades and make sure that they are always sharp and well-adjusted. Most mower repair shops will sharpen your blades for a reasonable fee.
  • Lubricate the controls, fittings and other components.
  • If the model has a battery, make sure to charge it.
  • If you use a model that operates on fuel, fill it with a fresh load.

Before mowing

  • Make sure to inspect the unit’s oil and fuel levels.
  • Inspect the tires of the unit.

After mowing

  • Remove the grass and other refuse out of the unit’s cutter sections.

Before the winter season

  • Drain the remaining gasoline (empty the fuel) at the end of each mowing season.
  • Rid the unit of grass, dirt, and all sorts of debris.
  • Lubricate and grease the unit.
  • Keep the unit in a dry, aired part of the garage or tool shed.


If you have additional recommendations to extend the life of a lawn mower or if you don’t know how to carry out any of these tasks, please leave a comment below or contact us.

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