Each and every lawn mower has its individual advantages. If you want to buy one, you can narrow your choices down through your preferences, needs, and budget. In this post we’ll go through all kinds of lawn mowers that you can find in the market.

You can also do some research on lawn mower companies and the models they manufacture. Make sure that you mull over your choices first before deciding on one, or read lawn mower reviews for reference.

Motorized Mowers

Rotary push mower

This kind of mower is operated by electricity or fuel. We recommend a rotary lawn mower for lawns with hardy weeds like dandelions. Because this type is a bit heavy for pushing, they typically come with self-propelled motorized wheels.

Ride-on mowers

This kind of lawn mower includes a seat, steering wheels, and operator controls, so you won’t have to walk manually and push the unit. It suits bigger lawns with a few number of trees, humps, and other obstructions.

Zero-turn mower

This type of mower provides easier control and steering all over humps, obstructions, and tight spaces because of the capacity of a zero-turning radius. Models of this kind cost more than the average mower and are typically huge.

Tractor mowers

This kind of mower looks like a tiny tractor with a built-in mower situated between its front and rear wheel axes.

It can include additional items like aerators, snowplow blades, or carts, making it pretty versatile as compared with a riding mower. Because of its extra functions and built, it usually costs more.

Manual or Push Mowers

Push reel mower

The reel or cylinder mower features vertical wheels that graze and chop the grass up. Its cutting method depends on the model; it is either contact or non-contact.

You can find it available in lots of options and can either be motorized or manual. It provides a streamlined, clean cut but at times incapable of slashing through longer grass or weeds. It is reasonably-priced and needs simple maintenance.

Electric mower

Electric mowers are cost-effective to use and require minimal maintenance. There are plenty of electric models in the market today because they provide minimal noise and are environment-friendly to operate.

Other Kinds of Lawn Mowers

Hover mower

This kind of lawn mower is usually motorized and comes with a rotary blade minus the wheels. They give the impression of floating over the ground, hence the ‘hover.’ We recommend them for sloping or elevated ground.

Robotic mower

Robotic mowers are downsized robots capable of trimming the lawn by themselves. They are usually powered by batteries, but there are also solar-powered models available.

These robots operate inside the ground, concealed by electrical boundary wires. These models are usually quiet, safe to use, safe for the environment and provide an even, clean cut.

However, because they are technologically more advanced than other models, they can be more expensive.


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  1. Leviticus Bennett

    I’ve never lived in a home with a yard that justified me purchasing a ride-on mower. However, I just moved into a home with a huge lawn. Since I don’t have too many trees or obstructions like you mentioned, a regular ride-on mower should be fine.

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