Plenty of people choose electric mowers for a variety of reasons. Smaller yards benefit greatly from an electric model that works with almost no sound.

There is still minimal noise coming from the mower, but it does not have similar decibels of sound expected from a conventional fuel-powered unit.

With electric mowers, you won’t have to mess up that lawn with accidental spills coming from fuel-powered models. The electric mower is good for the environment since they require no addition of gas or other fuels to operate.

The Greenworks 25022 is an electric type, and it features a 12 amp motor that’s built to cut tall and damp grass with its sweeping 20-inch blade. Read on for more information and opinions about the product.

GreenWorks 25022 Features

The 25022 is an electric mower with a lime green deck manufactured from steel to provide a slimmer covering. It promises to cut all kinds of grass, whether short or high, damp or dry, it aims to provide nothing but good service to its users.

  • Strong 12 amp electric motor
  • Weighs at 56 pounds
  • Effective, hard-wearing 20-inch steel cutting deck
  • Ideal unit for small and medium yards
  • 3-in-1 functions for mulching, rear bagging and side discharge
  • Seven varying height adjustments starting from 1.5 inches up to 3.75 inches
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Broad 10-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels
  • Built-in cord lock and unlocking handle for fast, easy storage
  • Start operations with simple push button


If you are tired of buying gas for your mower, going through seasonal maintenance, and frequent tune-ups, then you should invest in something like Greenworks 25022 Electric Mower.

It is also one of the easiest mowers to work on because you don’t have to do some fancy setup methods to begin those lawn-trimming tasks. You get it out of the box, fold its handlebar, connect its cord, and you’re ready.

It is foldable, meaning you can store the mower anywhere you wish by practically flipping its top part in-between routines. It won’t take up a lot of space. The handle is padded, which makes for a comfortable grip.

To set the unit in motion, you go for the bar that extends along the unit’s safety button and hold the bar. Because the bar extends along the entirety of the handle, users can easily make use of the unit with a single hand.

The unit features wider front and rear wheels, which makes for easier maneuvering, able to cross effortlessly over lumps and mounds present on the lawn.

Adjusting the height is easy as well because of its spring-loaded lever. It features up to 7 height adjustments, and you can do the whole thing with one hand.

Because of its 3-in-1 functions, it is capable of doing other jobs like mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge. Fixing the bag is fairly easy, and the bag is slender so that it can position itself right between the handlebars without any hassles.

This positioning makes picking the bag up much more simple since users won’t have to pull the bag out completely. The mower can gather all of the grass and leaf cuttings no matter the size or wetness.

The unit is also durable with its steel deck. Any unit that is designed to take care of testing chores like mowing the lawn is subject to wear and tear, and the 25022 withstood the ordeal.

Most mowers feature plastic housing, so the fact that the units were crafted from steel added durability.


Because it is an electric mower, users will have to deal with the electric cord. Just make sure that you get one that’s long enough to accommodate the mower. Yes, you have to purchase one because the entire ensemble does not include its own power cable.


If you do not mind dealing with power cables, the Greenworks 25022 mower will do your lawn good. It won’t add to the neighborhood noise, you won’t have to deal with fuel shortage, and it packs a punch regarding cutting all size grass.

Also, it features a steel deck which means it will last longer than your usual plastic-decked conventional mower. This mower is a worthy addition to your arsenal of home maintenance products.




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