To some folks who are comfortable with conventional lawn mowers, rechargeable mowers might sound a bit ambitious, but so far, some of the available units have satisfied plenty of homeowners. Included in the list of the most trusted in rechargeable units is the EGO Power+ mower.

The EGO Power+ mower is a weather-resistant model that has a 20-inch deck which aims to decrease passes needed to trim down your green at home.

Whether you are doing mulching, bagging, or making use of its side-discharge chute, the model’s 3-in-1 function promises to do its assigned duties flawlessly.

EGO Power+ Mower Features

Touted as the most high-tech lawn mower, the unit guarantees to do a solid job without problems such as distracting noises and fumes.

  • Includes 5.0Ah 56-volt Lithium-ion battery.
  • 30-minute fast charging.
  • Operates up to 45 minutes cut time.
  • Practical storage and clean-up with its foldable features.
  • 20-inch cutting deck.
  • 3-in-1 function for mulching, rear-bagging and side discharge.
  • LED headlights for convenient mowing any time of the day.
  • High-torque, 600 watts magnetic motor.
  • Push button start.


Let’s admit it, mowing the lawn is a taxing chore. We all need a unit that’s able to cut grass with a few or even one single pass.

In places where rain is a constant occurrence, expect the grass to grow more quickly, thus the need for a mower that does its job effectively. Even in those situations, the Power+ lawn mower has exceeded people’s expectations.

One of its good points was its ability to offer 45 minutes of regular cutting competence. As a result, it continuously filled bags with pile upon pile of cut grass and torn up leaves.

Homeowners love that the mower features a spring-abetted single-lever for height adjustment, making it is easy to adjust. This lever is located on the side part of the handle. It lets users adjust the handle from the doubled up position into an upright one. With the handle positioned upright, one can now employ the clamps to expand the handles’ position to begin its task.

Users can fix a grass-catcher bag to the rear part of the unit to hold all of the grass and leaves that were caught in its blades for faster clean-up.

Other Nice Pros

Also, because the unit is battery-operated, users do not have to pull cumbersome strings to begin using the mower. With just one push of the unit’s safety button and a pull on the tail switch, the mower will start serving its purpose in an instant.

Most of the mower is built from high-quality plastic. For equipment such as a mower, plastic might seem too flimsy for carrying on tough jobs. But the addition of premium plastic material makes the unit light and easier to handle and control.

The EGO Power+ mower performed exceptionally well regarding cutting grass. It was able to wind its way around the lawn on the initial pass. And the unit also provided sufficient power to slash away thicker, taller grass.

Its battery life featured a 45-minute run time which surpasses its maximum charging time of 40 minutes. As for the LED lights provided, you can now cut the lawn in the evening and even at the drop of dawn.

The battery gauge indicates the levels of battery life, so users will be able to tell when to charge the battery.


Even though the EGO Power+ mower has a battery life indicator, it only begins to prompt users when the juice level runs at 15%, which seems bothersome.

It is not self-propelled, but as it is very light weight, this is not a problem at all.

Finally, most people did agree that the biggest drawback of this model is the fact that it is expensive. At the same time though, some people that decided to buy a cheaper mower now regret not having paid a bit more to get the EGO Power+.


In conclusion, for a model that works exceptionally well, this is a good investment. It will guarantee you plenty of operations in the long run.

The EGO Power+ mower is a worthy mowing equipment that is worth every penny and deserves a place in your household.


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