Thinking Of… Do I Need a Riding Lawn Mower?

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes a requirement for keeping your lawn and yard looking fabulous. A riding lawn mower is one guaranteed means to make this job a bit easier. Here are a few information that you should understand so that you can get your hands on an excellent mower at an excellent cost if you are looking to make this kind of purchase! We have summarized the best hints to find a good riding lawn mower.

What do you wish to accomplish?

For most people, just mowing the lawn will do. However, for a few others, they need skills to do more than this. If you do not belong to the latter group, then why pay for this? There’s no sense in possessing the biggest, baddest equipment if you just plan to go back and forth over your lawn several times!

Consider Relaxation Improvements

Trimming your lawn can sometimes be a grueling job, particularly if you’ve got a big lawn or other places which you mow often. In the dog days of summer, when it is humid and hot, this task can simply be hopeless. In this case, would it not be best to be cozy if you plan to do lots of work?

Brand Names Issue

Of course, you need to get the most value for your cash. These kinds of lawn mowers are pricey pieces of machines to repair, so stick with the brands you trust and know. They may be costly, but they are worth it as it pertains to their durability and functionality.

The Best Season to Purchase

Most of US think that the ending of the mowing season and summer is the best time to purchase this equipment. Yet, at the start of springtime, you will be able to locate promotions and more sales than any other season. Not only do retailers need to transfer the products of the previous year, they are also expecting to sell as numerous units as they can of the new versions. Begin looking around March for the best deals.

Do I Need A Riding Lawn Mower? – Troy-Bilt 420cc 30-Inch Rear Engine Rider

At first sight, the Riding Lawn Mower Troy-Bilt 420cc 30-Inch Rear Engine Rider superior area doesn’t seem to be a heavy-duty yard sit with outstanding functionality. However, its durability and absolute power is going to have you amazed! Its 30” cutting deck works for moderate-sized yards, while the complex 420cc engine produces around 15 hp electricity, ensuring maximum fuel conservation, peak efficiency, and minimal emissions. Despite being a bestselling riding lawn mower with solid operation, it weighs only 340 pounds, in fact among the most streamlined versions, with measurements of 65 x 34 x 25 inches. Whether it’s the fuel sight window, the exact 18” turn radius or the soft-handle, easily maneuverable steering wheel, the Troy-Bilt 420cc 30-Inch Rear Engine Rider continues to be entirely designed for hassle-free yard care.

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Finest Riding Lawn Mower – 3 Hints to Find a Very Good Riding Lawn Mower

When questioning yourself “Do I need a riding lawn mower?”, you will find many things you must look into when your target is to find a good one. However, three things are more significant as opposed to others.

Budget. The first thing you should consider is cost. The costs vary considerably. They run to over $5,000, so you should decide carefully how much you need to spend. Thinking about the variable in characteristics you like to have versus cost will help you decide.

Property. Your property will play a part in what type of mower you should purchase. You may not necessarily want a riding lawn mower if you’ve got a tiny piece of land. However, if your property is immoderate, you are going to need an all-wheel drive. Meanwhile, you will need a smaller cutting deck that you could get readily around with if your property has many challenges.

Other functions. Would you like your mower to gather grass clippings or not? Do you want to use it for other matters like snow removal or hauling? Lawn mowers can be utilized for various purposes. You should contemplate how you intend to use yours, as you consider the price and factor in those uses.. You will end up saving a fortune, since you will certainly not need to pay the snowplow if you’ll be using your lawn mower for snow removal.

Main Factors

Riding mowers may also be becoming popular for residential home owners at the same time.

When choosing the right riding mower, you should pay attention to the front cutting deck. The wider the cutting deck, the better goes the cutting performance. Therefore, if you’ve got a big yard, you will need to select a mower with a bigger cutting deck to accelerate your cutting time.

Also, riding mowers make yard work considerably faster. These mowers can also be better for people with health concerns, because  they lessen the manual labor involved in mowing. Aside from that, riding lawn mowers also serve other functions, such as modest trailer or snow plow.

Riding lawn mowers should not be mistaken for lawn or horticulture tractors. Riding tractors are not as maneuverable.

Electric or Gas-powered

In case you bought an electric mower, you need to make sure its battery is charged. Despite this particular nuance, electrical mowers are quite beneficial, as they are more environment-friendly and quieter. Cost-wise, however, electrical mowers are not quite cheap.

This is where gasoline-powered mowers score better than electric mowers. Petrol mowers expend less energy and they are not as expensive as their electric counterparts. Also, electric mowers do not manage wet conditions considerably better than petrol mowers.

Each kind of mower has its benefits and drawbacks. You must weigh the environmental edge against the efficiency edge, when attempting to discover which kind of mower to buy.

As far as bells and whistles are concerned, riding lawn mowers on the market have kept pace with the car. Riding mowers can come equipped with accessories like cruise control, cup holders, sun shades, and even CD players.


Regardless if you buy a gasoline or electrical mower, making sure that your mower is well kept is still imperative. A mower with a sharp blade can make your yard look so much nicer. Blunt blades will give your yard a raggedy, irregular appearance.

Much like a car, low tire pressure can adversely impact the operation of your riding lawn mower. This goes the same for over-inflated tires, as your tires could break open when running over something sharp like a rock or glass.

Also, you need to clean the engine and the rider compartment regularly. Assess the air filter at the same time, because accumulated debris and dust may cause airflow issues eventually. This, in turn, will cause your equipment to be less efficient.

Another concern you need to keep in mind is your oil amount. You need to change the oil of your mower every 50 hours or before you use it at the beginning of every season. Remember that it can destroy your motor if the engine seizes up.

Lastly, you should keep watch over the cables and the battery. Remove any corrosion using a moist rag.

Cares and Risks

Riding mowers are bigger than manual mowers, so this makes them more dangerous to use.

Thus, to completely protect yourself and your family, you should take these precautions:

  • Don’t let the mower operate before turning on the blade.
  • Riding mowers cannot take passengers aside from the driver himself.
  • Clean the yard first to ensure that you will not run into something that will go dangerously airborne.
  • Frequently get your mower serviced.
  • Before attempting to make any repairs, turn off your mower.
  • If you’re not in the driver’s seat, do not attempt to use the mower.
  • Shut off the blade if you are riding on the drive, pavement, or gravel.

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