Why Choosing a Good Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is the most frequently used item to trim lawns and gardens. These days we don’t see the point in using garden shears or trimming shears to tend our lawns. That would take hours of hard work, and because most homeowners are busybodies themselves, lawn mowers are a blessing.

Maintaining the height of your grass takes plenty of time and patience, even more if the owner is not in possession of the right tools. A lawn mower that works properly and powerfully will take care of that, and it will make such a demanding chore enjoyable and fuss-free.

Because there is a huge demand for the unit, there is an abundance of lawn mowers in the market today. It can be a bit tricky looking for a model that fits your needs.

There are crucial factors that you have to consider before making a purchase. The lawn mower that your neighbor has might not work for you because not every lawn is the same.

Hopefully, this handy guide will lead you to a choosing a good lawn mower that rightfully belongs to your household.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Cylinder mowers

The cylinder kind employs a sequence of blades located at the front of the mower. The blade spins against a static bottom blade, which makes the model ideal for even lawns and fine, shorter cuts like those you will find on most decorative gardens.

Cylinder types are often available as gas-operated, hand-pushed, or electric models. On the other hand, lawns tended by cylinder mowers need to be frequently trimmed to maintain an even lawn.

Rotary mowers

The rotary mower is considered as the most versatile of the bunch because it is capable of dealing with various kinds of lawns.

Whether the lawn has bumpy areas or features slanted embankments, the rotary type can always be relied on to achieve the job. They are available as gas-operated and electric models.

Rotary types are ideal for maintaining conventional family gardens, and they are also capable of dealing with longer, thicker grass if you are not too keen on regular trimming procedures.

Hover mowers

As its name entails, the hover type ‘floats’ over the grass. They are rotary mowers that are capable of hovering on a ‘padding’ of air.

This type of mower is also significantly light making it easy to push, and its straightforward maneuverability makes it highly recommended for lawns or gardens that have flower beds, arched edgings, or borders.

Cordless mowers

They are available as gas-powered units or battery-powered models. The cordless type has garnered positive points for its exceptional performance and lower prices of the lithium-ion batteries it uses.

The gas models provide sufficient power and the range advantages of engines with all that extra power on hand; they can also be self-propelled.

Match a Mower with the Lawn’s Size

A crucial factor in lawn mower shopping is the size of the lawn. If you know the dimensions of your lawn or garden, and are quite familiar with the kind of terrain it has, then you will have a general idea of which kind of mower is ideal for your lawn based on its size.

Small lawns

Usually, electric mowers will be able to do a good job on smaller lawns or gardens. They are lower in terms of cost, lightweight, and easy to pack up. One downside is that you need an extension cord to get started.

Medium lawns

Medium lawns offer plenty of choices. For a lawn of this size, electric models are ideal because they are lightweight, fast, and user-friendly.

Cordless types with batteries will even do the job faster, are simple to use and will provide ease of movement to users. Gas-powered models will provide plenty of power and operation minus the extension cord.

Large lawns

Bigger lawns need something that has broad cutting capabilities to do the job faster. Mowers that are cordless and battery-powered allow users the freedom to move about without the hassles of a power cable.

Gas-operated, self-propelled units will make pushing the unit trouble-free.

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