Lawn mowers are an investment, and they can cost a fair amount of money. People often save up just to get a quality model.

Since these units are expensive, looking for replacement components once they corrode is worth the trouble. It is also a more economical move than replacing the entire lawn mower.

Mowers that are normally used by homeowners include reel mowers, manual cylinder type mowers, or mowers that are operated by smaller engines equipped with rotary blades.

Every kind has replaceable components, and the first thing you have to do is compare mowers. Know your unit’s make and model before purchasing a replacement part.

All the Key Parts of Different Mowers

Cylinder/Reel mower

The motor is a chief component among the three items that compose the unit’s drive mechanism. Others include the wheels and the handle.

Its cutting mechanism is composed of two parts; the bed knife, also known as the fixed cutting blade, and the cylinder or reel blade, the rotating component of the cutting system. Every part is installed into a frame.

The reel or cylinder kind is one of the earliest kinds of mowers. Some newer models bear a resemblance to the mowers of old that operate with a chain and gear system to rotate the blade once the mower is pushed forward manually.

The majority of contemporary varieties are built with either gas-operated or electric motors.

Rotary mower

The rotary mower features either a gas-operated engine or an electric engine. Every gas-operated model features a manual pull crank to switch on the unit. Several models include an electric starter as its main starting mechanism.

The majority of electric models need power cables, but some new units are cordless and charge using a charging station or a standard outlet if not in use.

Both kinds of models feature a rotary blade. A gas mower that includes a multiple-speed engine includes a switch or throttle control handle to facilitate speed converting. The unit also includes a frame to keep everything collectively.

Riding mower

Riding mowers include some of the parts of a push rotary unit from its motor, frame, and the cutting blade. They differ in terms of the drive mechanism. The riding type features a steering mechanism, a seat, and a transmission.

Looking for Parts

Regardless of the kind of mower, replacing almost every component of a lawn mower can be done. Parts from the engine are promptly available. They can be easy to come across as well, based on the model.

A good number of components are interchangeable throughout varying brands and models, but you have to do some research first to find out if the different brand and model replacement can be found.

Keep in mind that older models have parts that can’t be easily replaced because of the general lack of older parts, but you can look for them in certain shops and online stores that retail both new and used components.

Selections often range from newer models to some models used a long time ago.

Which Components Should You Buy

Homeowners who have plans to repair their mower without the help of a technician tend to grasp a bit of engine knowledge. They are trying to learn how to do small engine overhauls, or have someone by their side helping them with the task.

A mower’s most basic components can be found on a good variety of makes and models, but several firms make use of slightly different parts.

For example, one lawn mower company might indicate to a blade as a ‘cylinder blade’ while another firm will indicate it as a ‘reel blade.’

In both circumstances, the differing terminologies always stand for the same component. In order to understand these terms, you can check in a repair manual or compare mowers for reference.


A lot of lawn mower components are easy to come across in appliance repair shops and online stores. However, if you want maximum performance after a repair, make sure that you buy new replacements rather than secondhand ones.

Also, remember that the costs of repairs can at times offset the price of purchasing a new or second hand mower.

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