A lawn mower is a tool which operates by means of an engine, an electric motor or a push mechanism. It features blades to chop up grass, and it comes in a variety of types, from zero turn mowers to lawn tractors.
If you want to know more about lawn mowers and which one would be the best for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Which Lawn Mower Should I Purchase?

Deciding which lawn mower to purchase can be an intimidating endeavor. There are many types, with many different characteristics. And they all have their own pros and cons.

Push Reel Mowers are powered entirely by you. There is no charging, no cords, no gas and oil fumes, and they are really silent. This could be the perfect mower for you if you have a small garden, but if you’ve got a fairly extensive yard, perhaps not. They are also not the best option if your grass is about 2 ½ inches or longer.

Electric Mowers need a power source, and they are also restricted to the length of the electric cord. If your yard area is not overly large, an electrical mower could be the right choice for you.

Cordless Mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries. With cordless mowers, you don’t have the hassle of having to be always alert to where your cable is lying and plugging in the lead. However, battery life can become an issue. You may not have the ability to finish the mowing on just one charge, if you’ve got a yard that is bigger than standard.

Gas mowers are more powerful, which is helpful if your grass is thick and tall. Keep in mind, though, that they are noisier, they need regular service and you will need a to obtain oil and gasoline. There are two stroke and four stroke variants. The two stroke is considered to have the greatest power output, but also giving off more pollutants.

With electric lawn mowers and cordless, power is usually measured in Watts. Gas mowers are measured in Horsepower. Consider that small gas mowers begin at three HP. An electrical mower using 6.5 Amps creates about one HP, and a 12 Amp version creates almost two HP. To compute the Horsepower of your electrical mower, consider that 1 HP is equivalent to 746 Watts. However, having more HP will not always mean more cutting power. It’s for this reason that most producers began rating walk-behind mowers in torque and displacement (cubic centimiters or cc). More displacement generally meaning higher torque.

When selecting a lawn mower, do not only consider power. User reviews, availability and the features list are more important.

The blade housing is referred to as the Cutting Deck. The broader the cutting deck the fewer passes must be made in order to mow a particular area. Yet, if your mower has a broad deck, it might not be easy to steer the mower into small areas.

You also have to decide if you want a mower with a back or side bag for accumulating cuttings. If you like to fertilize your yard, perhaps consider a mower that can also mulch from the clippings. There are 3-in-1 mowers which can mulch, tote or side-discharge.

For a mower chosen by yards, it’s important to have an undulating terrain with at least 7-inch diameter wheels, and ball bearings. Most mowers also make it possible for you to adjust the cutting height, changing the space between your grass and the blade as needed. So you need to determine how much range you’ll need.

Always follow the manufacturer’s safety directions, and always wear safety goggles to shield your eyes.

If you decide to purchase a cordless lawn mower, consider buying an additional battery, as well, to allow you to conclude mowing your yard if the battery runs out.

When purchasing a corded mower ensure it features a wire holder, to keep the twine contained while mowing.

Best Lawn Mowers

Here are some of the most sought after mowers that you need to check out. They will make lawn work much easier.

EGO Power+ Mower

The weather-resistant EGO Power+ features a 20-inch deck that assures homeowners of fewer passes for speedier work. It has 3-in-1 functions so whether you’d like to use it for mulching, bagging or side-discharge, you won’t have to turn this unit off and look for another mower since this unit does all three.

Crafted from prime plastic material, it is able to breeze through one of the most difficult maintenance chores in terms of tending your home: lawn maintenance. It is durable and it will provide more service in the long run. And because it is made from top-rate plastic, the mower is lighter and easier to handle to boot.

Battery life promises to provide 45 minutes of operation, which outdoes its charging time. And with LED lights, you can do lawn maintenance deeds even in the evenings and at the break of dawn if you please.

It has a battery gauge so users can easily tell the levels of battery life before it’s time for another recharge.

Excellent features and prime-grade material make this mower a must-see. It is one of the better mowers out there, and receives a lot of positive user reviews. It is worth the cost and will make homeowners happy with its functionality.

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GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower

Electric mowers are the wave of an environment-friendly future. With electric-type mowers, you won’t have to deal with gas spills and fumes or chemicals that will seep into the ground and wreak havoc on its natural composition of the soil and animals, plants, and insects.

Many people are concerned with carbon footprints, healthy living and caring for the planet these days so naturally manufacturers have to think of alternatives that will cater to eco-conscious folks. This idea is applied on mowers too, thus the GreenWorks 25022 Lawn Mower was designed.

It has a 12-amp motor that makes the unit capable of chopping up wet, lengthy grass. It is also an ideal mower for folks who are tired of purchasing gas for their units, performing regular maintenance and making adjustments. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest models to operate since users won’t have to prepare complicated methods to kickstart the unit.

It is a foldable model which means you can store the mower anywhere in your garage. All you have to do is fold its top parts in between yard work. The model also has a comfortable grip because of its padded handle.

For easier maneuvering throughout the lawn, the unit is designed with wide front and rear wheels which are capable of navigating over humps and other obstructions on the yard.

Its spring-loaded lever provides easier height adjustments too, and with its seven height adjustments, you can take control of the way the mower deals with the grass.

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GreenWorks 25322 G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

Looking for an eco-friendly model that won’t require petrol to function? Then GreenWorks’ 25322 model is the one you need. The 25322, other than being a green mower, provides minimal noise as well. Now you can do your lawn during lazy weekend mornings without angry complaints from sleeping neighbors.

It is also a lightweight model which makes it easy to maneuver. It is designed with 2-in-1 functions, too. It provides mulching and rear bagging. Its powerful mulching features will let users chop their way through harder items like twigs and objects with tougher husks.

The 25322 also includes a Power Save so users can maximize its batteries and operating time. The Power Save feature means the rotational speed of the blade won’t stay in one position—it will turn faster once the mower reaches thick, tall grass on the lawn.

This is a mower with great power and provides extra operating time because of its dual battery feature. It will also satisfy environment-conscious individuals who are in need of a mower that’s in tune with their principles and at the same time, performs exceptionally well.

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Poulan Pro 2-in-1 PR500N21SH

Mowers included in the walk-behind type include self-propelled mowers, the push mower, electric mower, reel mower and mowers that are battery-operated. However, they are not advisable for homes with larger lawns. For a lot of homeowners, owning something like Poulan’s Pro 2-in1 mower is beneficial for their lawn maintenance needs.

Poulan’s Pro 2-in-1 is a unit that will fit undersized lawns well as described by a lot of lawn mower reviews. Other than its 2-in-1 functions, it also makes less noise while doing its job.

The model is a walk-behind mower that is easy to manage and set up. Users only have to move the handle apart, position the screws in place and the mower is ready for use.

Beginners won’t find the unit difficult to assemble because the entire unit is functional and all it requires are two items so it can be fully set up. With just two simple pulls in the unit, it will start its operations right away.

The unit is a lightweight Poulan model so for those who are tired of heavier mowers, this model is recommended. Users won’t feel the need to apply effort to maneuver the unit on rough terrain because it is designed with big wheels which are meant to go over obstacles.

This is a model for on-the-go homeowners who don’t have too much time to focus on doing lawn maintenance too. The unit works fast because of its 1-inch deck that’s capable of shearing more grass with one pass which will save you time.

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Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Riding Mower

Larger lawns are fussy and require plenty of maintenance. For homes with big lawns, owners need a mower that is easy to maintain, works fast and cuts well. And for this, one needs a riding mower.

A riding lawn mower is recommended for homeowners who have medium to large-sized lawns. Riding mowers are also perfect for individuals who are not physically fit to use a push mower.

Most riding mowers are commended for its ergonomic designs thus it is a good lawn maintenance tool that will satisfy consumers who want to enjoy physically-demanding and otherwise boring home maintenance activities like trimming the lawn.

Troy-Bilt’s Neighborhood Riding Mower is a mower that fits the needs of individuals described above. It might not be as well-known as some of its contemporaries in the market, but the brand actually has a number of excellent mowers in its line.

The Neighborhood Riding Mower features a number of exceptional attributes which quickly made it a favorite among homeowners all over the U.S.

It has the proverbial ergonomic design that makes the riding mower a popular choice among home maintenance enthusiasts—its integrated high back seat and steering wheel are fixed purposefully so users will feel comfortable managing it.

Its seat can be adjusted accordingly to avoid spraining while the unit does its job.

The mower is designed from top-rate materials for durability and despite its size, it is actually lightweight and weighs only 340 lbs. The unit is portable and you can store it easily. Users can place the unit anywhere they like in the garage and it won’t take up much space.

The frame if designed from superior alloy steel and the deck from durable stamped steel. The unit, unlike other models, does not include a folding armrest though.

It has 3-in-1 functions so users can opt for bagging, mulching or side discharge. Grass trimmings will be taken care of by way of the mower’s bagging functions while the side discharge feature means users can cut the lawn without getting messy.

The mulching option meanwhile lets users chop up grass into smaller pieces so it can be spread all over the lawn as fertilizer.

The Neighborhood mower has a 30-inch cutting deck that is able to trim grass with minimal passes and its 3-in-1 blade is crafted from die-cast aluminum that’s capable of cutting the lawn no matter whether the grass is thin or thick. It also features five height adjustments so users can pick an option that will suit the type of work they want done.

Although easy to use, the whole unit will take some time to be assembled hence it comes with a clear, comprehensive instruction manual. It has optional FastAttach fixtures too which can convert the whole mower into a multi-use unit in a span of minutes.

There is no extra equipment needed to attach accessories like snow threshers, sun shades and baggers.

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